4 Interesting Ways to Entertain Yourself in Canada as a Newcomer

Canada is an ideal destination for a vacation. With endless scenic landscapes, wildlife, and historical gems, it has almost everything for any taste.

Exploring this beautiful Land of Maple Leaf might take you a lifetime, so we’ve narrowed down four exciting ways to enjoy yourself if you’re new to Canada. So pack your bags and come with us!

1. Play Casino Games

Do you love gambling? Oh well, Canada also has a place for your thrilling hobby. Whether you want to play at casino centres or from the comfort of your accommodation through gaming sites featured on online casino Ontario, there is a chance to do so in Canada. 

Playing games at casino Ontario or any of the other provinces can be overwhelming as a tourist, but be on alert wherever you are. You may receive complimentary drinks as a visitor, but to have a great chance of winning, you must take it easy with the glasses (which might be stronger in Canada).

According to Joyce R. Knox, an expert in casino gaming, when playing in the best casino in Ontario, ensure that you stick with your budget no matter what. You should find out the games that give the best chances of winning and occasionally take a break from Ontario casino houses and go sightseeing!

2. Visit Niagara Falls 

Niagara Falls is the ideal place you’d find in every list of the most exciting destinations to visit while in Canada. It is Canada’s most famous tourist attraction, with over a million visitors yearly. It is located in Ontario, just an hour’s drive from Toronto.

Niagara Falls drops at nearly 57 meters, so mouth-gapingly close that it can be seen at some key points. If you’re searching for a magical, mystical experience, Niagara Falls is the right place for you to explore. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most iconic places to visit in Canada. However, the best time to visit is between June and August.

What should you do when you are in Niagara Falls? Watch the waterfalls as it cascades concurrently. Go on a boat cruise to the bottom of the Falls to enjoy a Behind the Falls experience. Spend quality time at MarineLand. For a stellar aerial view, take a trip to the Skylon Tower. Enjoy the view, the moment, and your time.

PS: If you desire an unforgettable sightseeing experience, go to Niagara Falls at night. Take pictures to relive the moment.

3. Explore Quebec City

Quebec City is one of Canada’s historic gems. It is widely recognized as one of the top destinations for tourist attractions and also the most beautiful city in Canada.

If you and your significant other are new in Canada, you should visit North America’s oldest walled city, a.k.a Quebec City. What tickles your fancy? Mystery? Magic? Romance? Everything French? Quebec City has it all, so you should visit with your significant other. The best time to visit this location is in June and between September and December.

Wondering what to do at this enchanting place? Take a trip to historical tourist attractions such as The Citadel. You might also want to walk through the beautiful Terrassa Dufferin or unwind at the Battlefields Park. Lastly, sleep in an ice hotel (sounds ridiculous, right?) Consider taking accommodation at Hôtel de Glace, which is just on the outskirt of Québec City.

Each year, this hotel is built from scratch with over 30 000 tons of ice and snow; it’s only available for three months. Are you Alice? Because Hôtel de Glace can be your wonderland. It is furnished with extravagant carved suites, ice bars, saunas, simple rooms, ice slides for indoor and outdoor recreational activities, thermal sleeping gears, fireplaces (right?!), and arctic spas.

Should you get intolerably chilly, there’s a hotel nearby where you will be taken in. Your accommodation fee at Hôtel de Glace covers the services of the adjacent hotel. Do not miss this cool experience.

4. Tour the Parliament Buildings 

Widely considered the heart of Ottawa is Canada’s Parliament buildings. It is located in Ottawa. The building, which comprises three blocks: Centre Block, East Block, and West Block, is within walking distance of other tourist attractions like The Canal and Byward Market and several restaurants and hotels.

The Centre Block houses the Library of Parliament, The Senate, and The House of Commons. During its first century, the East Block was also regarded as Canada’s “nerve centre.” Today the rooms in this centre are pristinely guarded, and visitors are allowed insight into what Parliament was like during the late 1900s. Lastly, the Center Block holds the library.

What’s more, visitors and newcomers can tour for free yearly. But the tours operate on a first-come, first-serve basis. Tours of the Centre Block and East Block are offered daily between July and September.


Canada is massive and jam-packed with awe-inspiring activities, some of which have been highlighted above. However, you should know these are just a teaser of the exhilarating things to do for newcomers, visitors, tourists, or just about anybody in the North American nation. So go out there, and have fun!



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