Casey the rabbit is looking for a new lovely home in the Toronto area

What’s Casey up to right now? He’s probably running and happy-hopping all over his foster parent’s apartment. This is his favourite thing. When he isn’t doing the dance or caught up in the zoomies, he is sprawled out on the floor, eyes closed, getting his head scratched. Casey is a teddy bear who melts under human hands. One minute, he’ll be dancing in your living room, the next, he’ll be passed out in your lap after one or two cheek rubs. Casey is looking for a home where he will get the exercise, attention, and love he needs and deserves.

Casey loves people and isn’t afraid to (politely) tell them what he wants. If you stop scratching him, he will gently pick your hand up with his mouth and wiggle his head back under your fingers. Oh, and he is a foodie. A big-time foodie. Apples and grapes are his absolute favourite, but he also loves his veggies, including radishes, romaine, radicchio, carrots (and their tops!), brussel sprouts, cucumbers, and bell peppers.

Easy-going and full of love, Casey loves being around people. But like most rabbits, he doesn’t like being picked up.

Casey would do best in a home where he can run around and explore. He is curious and active and loves to play – a fun, energetic environment would be great for Casey. He is very curious around other pets, but introductions would need to be slow nonetheless. If there are young children in the home, they will need to fully understand and respect Casey’s space.



Age: 8 Months

Sex: Male

Size: S

Colour: White

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Declawed: No


For Toronto Humane Society’s complete adoption process, please click here to learn more about how you can make this companion, a forever friend!


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Each week we feature animals available for adoption from local shelters in the Toronto area with the hopes that our readers will assist in finding good homes for them. If you, or someone you know, has the resources to take care of one of these animals, please do get in touch with the appropriate shelter via the links provided.



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