Best Destinations for Tourists after Covid-19

No one expected it. Neither did anyone plan for it. Everyone went about regular activities until the late part of 2019. It started as distant news for most people all over the world. Suddenly, the busy streets were deserted.

Everyone was forced to stay at home. Public places were deserted, and the television and the internet became our eyes and feet. For months, the novel Coronavirus was on every lip and everywhere. People can’t wait to go back to their normal lives.

After Covid-19, enjoying nature’s gifts might be a great idea. How about taking a trip to Ethiopia?

Ethiopia map

Amazing Places in Ethiopia You Should See

Ethiopia is an endowed country with many memorable tourist attractions, and the Ethiopian government had also made it easy for tourists. You can get your Ethiopia visa on arrival.

“The Land of Origins,” as it is fondly called, houses the rich diversities of nature. The precious historical monuments would also blow your mind. The following places would make a great addition to your life’s memorable moments.

1. The Blue Nile Falls

Also called the Tis Abay, the falls are one of the great sights of Ethiopia. It is about 37 to 45 meters high from 3 streams and is also used as a source of hydro-electric power supply. The Blue Nile Falls is situated close to the Bahir Dar town and attracts lots of tourists yearly.

2. Simien Mountain National Park

Sited in the northern part of Ethiopia, the Simien Mountain is a sight to behold. It has high plateaus, deep valleys, and a beautiful view of the Ras Dashen Mountain.

Tourists could find the Ethiopian Wolf, wild goats, Caracal and the gelada baboon. The Simien national park also features over 50 different bird species.

3. Rock-Hewn Churches, Lalibela

The Rock-Hewn Churches, located in Lalibela, is a historic monumental sight. They are found in the West of the Ethiopian Highlands and named after King Gebre Mesqel Lalibela. He was the king of the Zagwe Dynasty in the late 12th to the early 13th century.

He also commissioned the church projects. He desired to recreate Jerusalem in his reign. Amazingly, the churches are still in use.

4. Erta Ale

Have you ever seen a live volcanic sight? The Erta Ale in Ethiopia offers you the opportunity to see one. It was known in 1906. It is a continuously active volcano in the desert area of the Afar Depression.

The volcano is also shielded with basalt and goes through cycles. It becomes cool, forming a shield and heats up again. The volcano is over 600 meters above sea level. It also has an awesome night view.

5. Awash National Park

This Ethiopian national park is located at about 225km east of the capital city, Addis Ababa. It is made up of a vast grassland and woodland and is bounded by the Awash River in the south with beautiful waterfalls.

There are so many other beautiful tourist attractions in Ethiopia. Ethiopia welcomes you to a memorable adventure.




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