“A Day in the Life” with Toronto artist Samantha Liana Cole

Samantha Liana Cole:

Since I could remember, Samantha has always been creative. Whether it was drawing, doing different accents as a kid, or acting. As her sister, I’ve seen her go through her many awkward stages, odd jobs, and fleeting passions. I knew she would be doing something creative, I didn’t know acting would be the one. It wasn’t until I eventually saw her absolutely commit to the craft; studying her lines when she was half asleep and waking up at odd early hours catching the bus to Toronto for an audition.

I’ve seen her career slowly grow over the years beginning to act alongside actors whom I’ve watched on TV growing up myself. I recently just watched her latest TV Series: V Wars on Netflix. I was not only impressed with the importance of her role and how well she did, but was also excited about the fact that she has more things in the pipeline such as her upcoming role in DC legends where she’ll play a villain. As well as a movie coming to the big screen titled Coffee and Kareem, acting along side Tarji P Henson.

I’m quite proud of all her current and future accomplishments, and ecstatic to see where she will go next.

– Denika “Big little sister” Lewis

Samantha Liana Cole
I’m very slowly learning the guitar. Also LOVE doing all things on a beach. (English Bay, Vancouver BC)
Samantha Liana cole
I love board games, anime, quality time with friends and family, dancing and dressing up in my Goku track suit. I’m a goofy kid at heart. (Granville Street, Vancouver BC)
Everyday as part of my morning routine I meditate, read, exercise, listen to an audio and visualize my goals. Little pictures like this help me do just that. This one id s little tourist attraction on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! (LA, California)
samantha liana cole
I love hiking (Cove, BC)
Swimming with sharks in Hawaii for my birthday. I was TERRIFIED, I also don’t know how to swim very well! But this was easily the most terrifying yet majestic experience I have ever had, I locked eyes with sharks… I wonder if they enjoyed meeting me and having me in their home as much as I did… One thing that is imperative in my life is doing things that scare me in order to come out stronger, and live freely without limitations (Honolulu, Hawaii)
90% of my job is reading lines, researching roles and auditioning. One of my regular routines in my daily life is shooting self tapes when I’m not in that audition room (Toronto, ON)
The other 10% is where the magic happens, in between Action and Cut. The love of being on set! Here I had the pleasure of playing a super cool and eccentric character named Zig in a Toronto Indie-Feature named Sideboob.
I’ve been modeling for over 10 years, this form of artistry is a very different form of blissful love for me. Absolutely love to get creative in this realm as well.


What ‘hood are you in?

Right now I live in downtown Vancouver. I lived through part and past my adolescents In Ajax Ontario which I always return to when visiting my family or working in Toronto but originally I’m from Scarborough.

What do you do?

I’m an ARTIST exploring various aspects of artistry such as: Singing, Rapping, Writing (Music and Scripts), Dancing, Painting, Sketching and my #1 Profession is ACTING for TV & Film

What are you currently working on?

I just wrapped a super cool episode on DC Legends of Tomorrow before the Holidays and may go back as a recurring character later on. At the moment I’m back in Acting classes, Singing lessons and starting Martial Arts training. All while auditioning for some really amazing projects in BC, Toronto and LA.

Where can we find your work?

You can check me out in a series called V Wars on Netflix, I play Ian Somerhalders right-hand woman as a Scientist. I also have a site with some of my work