Exploring Frontiers: The 2024-25 National Geographic Live Season

Currently wrapping up its eleventh season of entertaining, informative talks by leading National Geographic scientists, Roy Thomson Hall’s National Geographic Live has just announced its 2024-25 season.

Running November 2024 – June 2025, the four-event series features talks – accompanied by ultra-high-def photos and videos – by scientists and explorers at the leading edge of their respective fields, from conservation efforts at the Great Barrier Reef to deploying robotic spacecraft to the furthest reaches of our solar system.

Exploring Frontiers: The 2024-25 National Geographic Live Season

This past week, the Toronto Guardian was lucky enough to check out Nat Geo Live‘s “The Untold Story of Sharks”, featuring marine biologist Jess Cramp. One of the world’s foremost shark conservationists, in 2012 Cramp spearhead the creation of the Cook Islands Shark Sanctuary, now the largest shark sanctuary in the world. Cramp discussed her circuitous journey from aid worker to shark activist, showcasing the incredible footage she has taken over her decade-plus in the Cook Islands, where she continues to lead Selachimorpha conservation efforts.

Next month, the 2023-24 season closes out with Kiliii Yüyan’s “Life on Thin Ice” (June 2-4, 2024), about life in the Arctic North. Yuyan’s photographs focus on the relationship between arctic wildlife – polar bears, musk ox, whales, caribou, and more – and the dozens of northern communities who call the Arctic home. Tickets are still available here.

Looking further ahead, the newly-announced 2024-25 season is set to be one of the best yet.

Up first is Robbie Shone on Adventures in Caving” (November 24-26, 2024). One of the world’s foremost spelunker-photographers, Shone will share stories from his career journeying into the deep. Prepare yourselves for guano in all its high-definition glory.

Erika Woolsey is the next speaker, on Diving the Great Barrier Reef” (February 23 – 25, 2025). Perhaps best known for her extraordinary underwater VR videos, marine biologist Shone will speak about the wonders of the world’s last major reef ecosystem.

For what’s sure to be a hot ticket item, ecologist Heather Lynch will join Toronto audiences for Penguins of Antarctica” (April 13 – 15, 2025). One of the world’s leading experts on population dynamics in the Antarctic, Lynch will showcase her favourite stories and photographs from living alongside whales, penguins, and other wildlife.

Closing out the season, aerospace engineer Tracy Drain will speak about her Cosmic Adventures” (June 1 – 3, 2025) as a NASA flight systems engineer. Specializing in the design and operation of robotic spacecraft, Drain is currently the lead Flight Systems Engineer on the Europa Clipper mission, which is set to launch later this year to study Jupiter’s moon Europa.

Nat Geo Live‘s educational, entertaining talks have proven to be a hit over the years, proving that nature documentaries need not only be on BBC Earth or Netflix. If you’re contemplating a scuba trip to the Great Barrier Reef, or a spelunking adventure on Canada’s west coast, Nat Geo Live isn’t a bad place to start.

For more on National Geographic Live and to purchase tickets, click here.