Matching App Connects Parents to Babysitters Through Geolocation

There is a lot of competition among parents when looking for a good babysitter. Several factors determine who would be the ideal candidate to look after your kids and who is qualified to meet your needs.

There is definitely a high demand in the babysitter market and the competition to find a babysitter in Toronto is high.


Your children’s ages are key to determining the type of care you will need. With the astronomical costs of daycare services in certain parts of the country, parents have to weigh their options closer to home.

That’s when Sitly comes into place – the online platform connects parents and babysitters and works as a digital marketplace that gives both parents and sitters the freedom to find matches tailored to their particular needs. By using geolocation technology, parents can find a babysitter as close as a few hundred meters away from home.

The user-centered app was founded in 2009 in the Netherlands by a parent himself, when Jules van Bruggen was struggling to find childcare services for his own family. He decided to create an alternative solution that was both flexible and accessible. Sitly is now active in 14 different countries with over 7 million registered users, becoming the fastest growing international platform connecting parents and babysitters.

Sitly’s registration is free and the app is available on iOS or Android. Both parents and sitters can compile profiles online and browse through profiles to find their ideal pairing. Parents are reviewed by babysitters who have previously worked for them, and vice versa for babysitters.

Qualification, experience and rates charged are available on profiles. Should any party be interested, they can initiate communication via message.

In order to provide a safe environment, Sitly has included security features such as manual checks (in order to spot unusual activity) and an SSL-Certificate that ensures communication and shared information is encrypted and secured.  Moreover, the exact location of the user is never shared.

With its features and design, Sitly puts the user’s needs and experience first making the process stress free and effortless. The experience empowers parents to take the lead in finding the childcare that is best for their family.




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