“A Day in the Life” with multidisciplinary artist Haui Davis

Haui Davis – Howard, or “Haui”, as he positions himself, is a highly intelligent, witty and talented young man with a huge repertoire of skills.  I came to know him when we chose him for the new Directors’ “Buds” program at the Stratford Festival.

He was invaluable during rehearsals and within the theatre, giving feedback on sightlines, audibility and clarity of intention.  I attended a number of rehearsals and was impressed by his ability to see things that might otherwise have been missed – and to give feedback with insight – and discretion.  (He has an extremely good head on his shoulders!)

This is an exceptionally professional young man who will make his name, and soon, with a vengeance.  His talents are wide-ranging – and unique.

– Written by Martha Henry; Order of Canada. Order of ON; Hon LLD, PhD, DHum, DFA

Our guest room has become my home office where I get to create, create, create.
Me, my mum (Clare), my sister (Kathryn) and Dad (Kelly) in Toronto (Pre-Covid).
Haui davis
My Partner in Crime Peter Hinton-Davis.
Haui Davis
Me in my element directing (actress Vanessa Sears pictured)
haul davis
Still from my film MixedUp ©
Still from my film MixedUp ©
Haui Davis
Still from my film MixedUp ©
Researching for upcoming projects. The only photograph of my great-grandmother Mary.

Which ‘hood are you in?

I split my time between Toronto and Niagara on the Lake. During the pandemic I’ve been out of the city with my husband and pugs. My parents live at the Waterfront (Queens Quay) which is wonderful when I’m in the city.

What do you do?

I’m an entrepreneur of many artistic trades. As a multidisciplinary artist I’ve worked as a director/filmmaker, projection designer, visual artist, producer, writer and performer (singing, acting, dancing) for stage and screen. One of my biggest interests is blurring the lines between artistic mediums while exploring themes related to my mixed black and white heritage, gender and orientation.

What are you currently working on?

I’m premiering my first feature-length film entitled MixedUp November 11th on OUTtv, Apple TV and Amazon Prime. The film was born of my own experience navigating the isolation of being BIPOC and LGBTQ+ and demands that we celebrate the beauty of our difference. More information at mixedup.ca and OUTtvGo.com.

I audition regularly in the city for Film & TV and am also writing two new works. One work is about famed Canadian singer Portia White and the other is about my great-grandmother’s history through the Diaspora.

I’m also very excited to be working on a 20-month paid residency with Wildseed Centre Black Arts Fellowship launched by Black Lives Matter Toronto. It is an incredible initiative to bridge my work in activism, advocacy and art.

Where can we find your work?

You can find my work at my website.




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