CLIF offers 5000 free Bike Share rides to Torontonians

This is the summer of the bike. There’s less traffic on the roads and everyone is sticking close to home these past few months. Our city has also carved out more designated bicycle lanes and quiet streets. Many of us have been enjoying the cleaner air and urban cycling continues to gain traction with all ages. The demand in the past few months for bikes has skyrocketed but no worries! Now Torontonians are being treated to free bike rides thanks to CLIF.

CLIF, the organic, plant-based food company has announced a new Bike Life campaign in Toronto to offer up free bike rides. Through a partnership with Bike Share Toronto, CLIF will distribute over 5,000 free bike rides to Canadians in the GTA to help continue to inspire urban adventure. The free bike rides to Toronto consumers in the downtown core will be made available through complimentary Bike Share codes at various CLIF Adventure Trailer stops and via a partnership with Indie88.

The CLIF Team will be travelling throughout Toronto with the CLIF Adventure Trailer surprising consumers with free bike rides and gear, and sample new CLIF BAR® energy bars, including CLIF Sweet & Salty Energy Bars now available in Canada. (You’ll find additional safety precautions including enhanced PPE and maintaining the recommended safe social-distance.)

CLIF will also work with local bike shops throughout Toronto and Montreal to offer CLIF BAR energy bars to keep Canadian cyclists fueld for their bike adventures.

Wondering where the Bike Share locations are in the city? They can be discovered through the PBSC/Cycle Finder App or visit a Bike Share Toronto station.

And here’s an interesting tidbit — the idea of creating the CLIF performance energy foods was inspired by a bike ride. Founder Gary Erickson was on a 175-mile bike journey when the idea of having a better bar for all athletes came to him. Perfect before or during a workout, CLIF BAR contains a unique blend of simple and complex carbohydrates from sugar and Canadian organic rolled oats for energy.

Full details and more info on the Bike Life, link here.

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