“Five Minutes With” Canadian pop musician Cœur de pirate

Unveiling a magnificent new single titled “Tu ne seras jamais là,” featuring Alexandra Stréliski on piano, Cœur de pirate simultaneously announces her upcoming disco-pop album Impossible à aimer, which is slated for release on October 15. 

“Impossible à aimer” is a response to the incessant comments the artist received about how she must be difficult, even impossible, to love. By thumbing her nose at such remarks, she found the inspiration for the album title. The new opus offers a refreshing collection of songs, which feature (but are not limited to) the sounds of disco, and where the timeless theme of tormented love always finds its way into the music. Highlights include the sober “Le monopole de la douleur,” where Cœur de pirate sings in confidence about mutual pain; the debut single “On s’aimera toujours”; and “Une chanson brisée,” where she returns to the flow and melodic patterns of her early work. On Impossible à aimer, Cœur de pirate approaches music with the composure of a liberated thirtysomething.

"Five Minutes With" Canadian pop musician Cœur de pirate

Name:  Cœur de pirate

Genre:  Pop

Founded:  2008

# of Albums:  6

Latest Album:  Impossible à aimer

Latest Single: On s’aimera toujours 

Latest Video:

Favourite musician growing up:

Ginger Spice

Favourite musician now:

John Mayer 

Guilty pleasure song:  

“Someone’s watching over me” by Hillary Duff

Live show ritual:

Drink lots of water 

Favourite local musician:

Naomi and thaïs, two new signings with Bravo Musique

EP or LP?


Early bird or night owl?

Early bird 

Road or studio?


Any shows or albums coming up? (What do you currently want to promote?)

My new album Impossible à aimer releases on 15th October! I will be performing in Toronto the 29th October, in Guelph the 30th October and in London, Ontario the 1st November.

Where can we follow you?

@beatricepirate on Twitter and Instagram, Cœur de pirate on Facebook and www.coeurdepirate.com


Rapid Fire Questions

Favourite local restaurant:

Bar Isabel 

Favourite street:

College Street, because it has the best places in the city.

Favourite park:

The beaches.

Favourite music venue:


Favourite music store:

33 Tours 



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