The best characters from gaming in 2023

Many people like to immerse themselves in various forms of entertainment after a busy day at work. And the most popular way of spending leisure time are video games. These games have become widespread not least due to the strong characters.

Video game characters are the most important factors that have helped to expand the audience of a particular game. Most people usually focus on the characters more than the graphics and other solutions. The thematic story that the character is woven into is a major feature of video games.

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In 2023, the video game industry has seen quite a few developments that have impressed gamers with their storylines and characters. The characters were given some special abilities that attracted players. The gamer audience remembered each of the heroes for something.

At the end of this year, experts decided to highlight the most popular characters that were featured in the latest video games. The characters of the most widespread computer entertainment 2023 will be discussed in the following material. Read our selection and get information about game characters of innovative developments of the world industry.


This character is found in the popular Lord of Ocean video slot. The wise and just lord of the seas named Poseidon controls the underwater world, preserving beauty and wealth. Most players enjoy a wonderful opportunity to become an explorer of the depths of the ocean.


This name hides one of the greatest characters in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. There, she has to help the royal family of Hyrule, but in a different guise. The anti-aging rune that has been brought to perfection facilitates this. Pura remains the best mind in the kingdom, helping other characters during Link’s journey. Its popularity is due to its changed appearance. Pura is an obedient character, helping Link repair the flying machine.

Leon S. Kennedy

Leon reappears as the king of the himbo in Resident Evil 4 Remake. The main feature of this character during the course of the game is the transformation of his emotions into the real player’s own emotions. Leon himself is a great combination of fun, enhanced experience and attentiveness.

Solomon Reed

It is the main character of the popular Cyberpunk 2077 game in the Phantom Liberty version. Being a professional operative, he keeps jokingly interacting with the player by recognizing controversial situations in the game. Reedmon’s abilities and his hands-on approach to carrying out plots make the character compelling and interesting.

Saga Anderson

It is a popular and memorable character in the second part of Alan Wake. Anderson always keeps calm even when the main character is morally depressed. The agent shows impressive bravery and survives any serious attacks and destroying various creatures of hideous appearance. Anderson was able to protect all the people dear to her, overcoming a lot of difficulties on her way. In doing so, she still solves the case that was assigned to her. The hero has supernatural abilities, with the help of which she conducts telepathic communication sessions with other characters. Saga can change reality; thus she will appear in the next part of the sensational game.

Клайв Росфилд

It is one of the greatest heroes from Final Fantasy 16, who easily overcomes the most incredible situations. Clive seeks to avenge his brother Joshua, thus gaining information about his rebellious soul and the political structure of Rosario. Also, during his journey, Clive always helps those in need. In addition, he has absolutely no guile at all. We can say he represents the traditional warrior.

Miles Morales

Morales is the most popular character in “Spider Man” who is constantly helping others with a certain kindness. This young man is still very inexperienced and sophisticated, but he still accepts the responsibility for the safety and well-being of all New Yorkers. Despite his occupation of saving people, Miles continues to be passionate about science and listening to music. That’s what makes the hero attractive in the eyes of fans of the beloved movie epic and in the eyes of fans of a great computer video game.


This character is recognized in Baldur’s Gate for his contradictory nature. Despite his dubious appearance, Astarion always shows that he is no stranger to the emotions of his companions. However, Astarion’s selfishness is inherent, as his speech can attest, turning the villain into a cool anti-hero. Without such a character, Baldur’s Gate would not have gotten the recognition that this game has now.


This character is from the same Baldur’s Gate 3. He is appealing with increased profanity and boundless enthusiasm. At the same time, the character has a good moral character, helping everyone indiscriminately. The fans like Karlach – the developers made the ending of this character in a way that satisfied all users.

Karlach is a loyal companion or even a sweetheart, if gamers want a romantic relationship with her. In communication, Karlach can say deep phrases, and the character loses consciousness only when the burden becomes unbearable. In particular, she frequently interacts with Astarion.

Alan Wake

It is a very interesting character from the game of the same name. He never spoke out harshly, even when serious circumstances forced him to do so. When defeating serious opposition, Wake always goes ahead and accomplishes his goal. It is almost a perfect tool for the player to enjoy the gameplay.

As you can see, all such characters make games popular and memorable. Graphics and musical accompaniment are also important, but without a hero and a quality thought-out plot, a full-fledged game will not work. The rating presents only brief characteristics of characters. You can the facts about them and join the gameplay in any of these entertainments.

The material considered games of completely different genres. However, everyone who was fascinated by the abilities of the character and thematic colouring of entertainment will always return to these entertainments to relive all those emotions and diversify their leisure time at the weekend or after a hard day’s work.




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