Have an event coming up in Toronto? This is our quick guide on how to successfully submit an event to the Toronto Guardian event listings.

1. Event Title

A short title of the event – Keep it less than 65 characters long.

2. Event Description

This is where you describe the event in detail. You only need to describe the event. Prices, dates, times will come later.

3. Event Time and Date.

This is where you can add the time and date of the event. If the event is running over a period of many days, there are options for every possibility imaginable.

4. Event Image

You must have an image for this to work. The image MUST BE LESS THAN 200k IN SIZE.

5. Event Tags (optional)

Tags will let other people find your event by other related events and articles on our website. If the event is about pets, tag PETS, and the event will link with other posts and events on our website that have to do with PETS.

6. Venue Details

Either add a venue with address and details or choose one from the list.

7. Organizer Details

Add an organizer or choose from the list. This is where you name the person or company that is organizing the event.

8. Event Website

Add the website for the event, company, ticket sales or facebook event.

9. Event Cost

Add the cost of the event. If it is free, then put 0.