The Evolution of Internet Gaming

There used to be a time when casinos – games such as roulette, blackjack and poker, were the playground of the elite. High-class folk would put on their best dress and make their way over to the opulent casinos to flutter away some of that wealth. However, now, with the rise of Internet gaming, it has become available to everyone. There are now literally hundreds of excellent online casinos, found at sites such as Casino Online In, that are perfect for all players. They make casino games accessible for everyone. You don’t need to meet any financial requirements, you don’t need to mix with the right lot  – or dig out your Sunday best! You can simply kick back in your casuals, switch on your computer – or even open your phone – and start playing. It has never been more accessible. So, let’s take a quick look at the evolution of Internet gaming.

Photo by Peter Olexa

What is Internet Gaming?

Basically, Internet Gaming is the moniker that is given to the industry that dishes up games such as slots, poker, baccarat, roulette and even bingo. This industry first started making its mark back in the mid-1990s – as the first online casino launched. They didn’t offer any new games, per se,  as all of these casino games had been around for centuries. However, they simply offered a whole new way of playing them!

The Birth of Internet Gaming

The beginning of the online gaming industry was a direct result of the internet revolution combined with the subsequent changes in laws and regulations that actually started to allow these types of games to be played online. This allowed the online gaming industry to be accessible to millions of people all over the world, from the comfort of their own homes. This meant that people who had never before played these games could try them out. It made life much easier for those who lived far away from casinos, bookmakers or bingo halls.

Mobile Internet Gaming – Anytime, Anywhere

What started off as simply an activity available to people that owned a computer has evolved even more since then. The rise of the smartphone meant that people could access the internet from anywhere they wanted. They no longer needed to log onto their desktop to surf the web. As long as they had data or WiFi, they could check out their favourite sites whenever they wanted. Obviously, this was addressed by the internet gaming industry. Having players being able to access and play those games whenever they wanted, wherever they were could only be a good thing. And thus, it became clear that mobile devices are the present – and the future of online gaming.

Now, more and more games are created to work on a mobile-first design. Online PVP games are also huge on mobile now – which was once only the realm of PC and console players. Lots of information is kept on the Cloud by top gaming companies. It is believed that by 2025, most mobile devices will be as powerful as our home desktops – and that makes the options practically unlimited!

Live Casinos and VR

Originally, online casinos meant that you didn’t need to be physically present at a casino to play. However, as technology evolved, so did the casino experience. Better technology led to the development of innovative ‘live casinos’, where people can play against live dealers, on real tables, live-streamed onto their devices.

We are also starting out on the very brink of VR casino experiences. Virtual Reality will allow players to actually be right in the middle of a casino experience, to actually feel what is going on and experience that same feeling you might get when sitting in a Las Vegas casino. This is incredibly exciting – and it is just the beginning. Since the start of internet gaming, less than 30 years ago, technology has already driven this industry to become something amazing – and it keeps on growing and surprising us. 

This industry has always been right at the forefront of technological innovations and the possibilities are endless. We can only wait to see what will come from here!



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