The Most Successful Canadian Ice Hockey Teams in the National Hockey League

2021/2022 National Hockey League regular season kicked off on the 12th of October and it will last until June this year. As with most other regular seasons, this NHL season sees thirty-two teams competing, including Toronto Maple Leafs, Montreal Canadiens, Vancouver Canucks, Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers, Ottawa Senators, and Winnipeg Jets from Canada.

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Canadians are huge fans of ice hockey. In fact, ice hockey is the county’s national sport, so there is no wonder why many Canadian sports betting fans follow their favourite NHL teams.

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Back on the 22nd of December, all matches were cancelled due to the Covid-19. Before the season started, several managerial changes took place. Dominique Ducharme replaced Claude Julien as Montreal Canadiens head coach.

Managerial Changes in Canadian Teams

He signed a three-year deal with the team after Claude Julien was fired from the head coach position. Bruce Boudreau was named the head coach of Vancouver Canucks after Travis Green was fired. Paul Maurice was replaced by Dave Lowry at the position of Winnipeg Jets’ head coach in late December 2021.

Jim Benning was fired on the 6th of December as a general manager of Vancouver Canucks. He was replaced by Stan Smyl who worked for the team as Senior Adviser since 2008.

Marc Bergevin was fired from Montreal Canadiens on the 28th of November. The team’s new general manager Jeff Gorton was appointed several days later. Previously, he worked for the New York Rangers team.

NHL Canadian Teams Ranking

Founded in 1971, Toronto Maple Leafs is the most valuable NHL franchise in Canada, but this is not the most successful franchise. With twenty-four Stanley Cups, Montreal Canadiens remains the most successful Canadian NHL team.

The franchise was founded in 1909. In addition to twenty-four Stanley Cups, the club was also eight times conference champion and twenty-four times division champion.

When compared to other Canadian ice hockey franchises, Montreal Canadiens is one of the longest-standing being founded over one hundred years ago.

According to this report by Forbes, the franchise is valued at over US$1,6 billion after Toronto Maple Leafs valued at around US$1,8 billion, and New York Rangers valued at over US$2 billion.

The team won their last Stanley Cup in 1993 after defeating Los Angeles Kings in the finals. As of today, Montreal Canadiens is the only ice hockey team in the NHL representing Quebec, so it has many fans among French Canadians.

The second most-valuable team in the NHL is Toronto Maple Leafs. As previously mentioned, the team won thirteen Stanley Cups with the most recent one in 1967 when in the finals, it defeated its biggest rival Montreal Canadiens.

Even though the team has not won the shiniest Stanley Cup in over four decades, it remains one of the most beloved Canadian ice hockey teams.

When discussing the best Canadian ice hockey teams that compete in the NHL, we have to mention Edmonton Oilers. The franchise was founded in 1971. It has won five Stanley Cups with the most recent one in 1984.

In the finals, the team defeated New York Islanders. According to the same Forbes report, the franchise is valued at over US$1,1 billion which makes it’s the seventh most valuable NHL team.

For the past several seasons, the team has been at the bottom, but we expect much more in the years to come. While Vancouver Canucks have never won a Stanley Cup, the team has many loyal fans among Canadians.

Vancouver Canucks was founded in 1945. The team won three conference championships and ten division championships. As of today, it is valued at over US$825 million according to Forbes.



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