Thinking of moving to Toronto? Here’s some important things you should know!

Boasting a population of almost 3 million citizens, Toronto is Canada’s most populous city and the sixth most highly populated area in the Northern American region.

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The Canadian Census forecasts that the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) to have a demographic of around a million people in the span of approximately three years. There are almost 8 million people living in southern Ontario’s “Golden Horseshoe,” making up more than a 1/4 of all Canadians.  

Toronto shares its latitude with Bordeaux, France, and Christchurch, New Zealand in the southern hemisphere. In spite of the Great Lakes, the climate in Toronto is a bit more severe than that of Christchurch or Bordeaux, with summertime that is rather warmer and wintertime that can be more aggressive.

When it comes to the overall character as a city, Toronto prides itself on its widespread diversity.

When it comes to diversity, Toronto has a reputation for being one of the world’s most diverse communities. Foreigners make up about 50 percent of the nation.

In terms of entertainment, there are endless things one can do to burn time in Toronto and have a little fun, however, one of the most sought out things to do here is taking a short 1 hour trip to neighbouring Ottawa and taking some time to visit the breathtaking Niagara Falls. You can even visit the Niagara Falls Casino resort, and if you want to test out your luck on a smaller scale, there are plenty of online casinos in Canada.

Toronto also thrives in the business and industrial sector, and it was even listed in many Publications’ “World’s Most Economically Powerful Cities” lists. Toronto is the economic hub of Canada and as a result of its size, anticipated future wealth, living expenses and living standard in areas like Toronto, strong cities like these lure investments. Located in one of the richest countries on the planet, Toronto is predicted to continue its growth until 2020.

When it comes to choosing where to live when making a move to Toronto, citizens choose the northern and eastern suburbs of Toronto, particularly Richmond Hill, North York and Markham,  and also the district of Halton, which includes cities like Milton and Oakville. During the recent 10 years, the apartment industry has boomed throughout the city’s central area, making it a popular choice for lone adults. 

In general, the rate of crime in Toronto is lower than most other Urban Areas, notably Metropolitan areas like Montreal and Vancouver. Compared to Ottawa and Calgary, Toronto’s crime rate is around the same.

In terms of education, with a place in the World University rankings of 23rd, Toronto’s University is one of the most distinguished schools worldwide. It is divided into three facilities, one in the city centre, one in the suburbs, and one on the outskirts (Scarborough). In addition to York and Ryerson, Toronto also comprises a number of state schools. Educators in Canada’s public schools are among the best paid in the world. It’s quite difficult to get a job as a schoolteacher in Ontario since the number of educators outweighs the need. In fact, many Canadian-trained teaching staff leave the country to get experiences in other countries.



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