Online Sportsbooks 2021: Canada’s Best Betting Sites

Take advantage of the biggest Canadian sports gambling sites and applications to get the most up-to-date odds on every huge match and event. Our suggested sites provide excellent odds and bonus schemes on a wide range of sports, including the NFL, hockey and also soccer. See how the sites stack up against each other in terms of everything from platforms and bet varieties to financing and protection. Check out our list of the finest Canadian betting sites below if you would like to get started right away.

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Bet365: The largest and most well-known sportsbook in the world.

When betting with Bet365, customers may choose from a wide variety of wagering alternatives. Bet365 is a very good bookmaker with customers all over the world. It is this, along with the fact that their range of games and betting platforms is significantly higher than that of other sportsbooks in the country, that makes them one of the most appealing options available in the market. The customer service at Bet365 is top-notch, and they react to their customer’s inquiries and problems in a quick and professional manner.

  • Bet365: Origins and Current Location.

Although Bet365 is situated in the United Kingdom, they have the most complete Sportsbook in the country, regardless of the fact that they are not technically registered as a Canadian bookmaker because of their location in the United Kingdom. Despite this, they are entirely legal, as betting at an offshore sportsbook is not considered illegal by the government in any manner whatsoever. Similarly to the United States, if solitary becomes available in Canada, we believe that the company will attempt to enter the market legally through a partnership arrangement, however we do not have any particular information at this moment, so we cannot guess at this time.

  • Bet365: Mobile Phone Application.

Bet365’s mobile application is very useful in that it allows clients to do anything they can typically do on the website, but from the convenience of their portable devices. In this case, the use of important features such as pay out, betting creator, and streaming live are considered appropriate on smartphones.

  • Bet365’s Betting Builder, Wins Against Any Odds.

Bet365 has it’s very own bet builder function, which was developed by them, and it is currently used by numerous Sportsbooks throughout the globe. It provides you with the ability to merge betting marketplaces from the very same sport into a singular bet, while dynamically evaluating the chances and potential profits for each market. The amazing thing about this is it was initially just accessible for football and tennis, so as it increased in popularity, Bet365 adapted it to include Australian Rules Football, National Football League, Hockey and Basketball, as well.

  • Bet365: Excellent Live Streaming.

Bet365 has also one of the best live streaming services offered anywhere on the globe, and it is very popular with users. Their livestream activities are listed on a calendar, and you can plan your day around them, which is incredibly convenient. Exceptional visual quality may be achieved if there are no pauses or delays in the video feed being streamed.

A Trustworthy Canadian Casino: Sports Interaction

Sports Interaction is included in our list of the best bookmakers in Canada because they give the highest level of customer care accessible on the internet. In terms of quantity, their flair and excellent customer service more than make up for the fact that they lack in numbers. Even while they do not currently provide a large number of sports to gamble on, they do give all of the fundamentals, including live broadcasts, and their user interface is one of the most user-friendly of any online sportsbook.

Users at Sports Interaction have the opportunity to take advantage of a 100 percent welcome promotion, which includes upwards of $100 in complimentary wagers. The Casino area also offers a welcome gift for those who like playing casino games. This bonus is worth up to 100 dollars and is 100 percent match. There are a variety of restrictions and limitations that you should review before claiming these incentives, but bear in mind that you may only collect 1 bonus per profile, so make your selection carefully.

People who already possess a casino website may take advantage of a variety of special offers, including the well-known Recommend a Friend program as well as a variety of additional incentives, such as cashback rewards and bet assurance, in addition to prizes and other sorts of rewards, among several other things.

  • Review on Sports Interaction.

On their site, Sports Interaction allows betting on more than 20 sports, however the betting possibilities available are dependent on how popular the activity or game in question is. For example, when comparing an MMA fight to a Champions League football match, we can observe that there aren’t as many betting alternatives. Even the most inexperienced punters will find the odds to be reasonable, and navigating the sports section will be a snap.

  • Sports Interaction: Mobile Phone Application.

However, the lack of a smartphone app for Sports Interaction remains another area in which they may make strides forward. Accessing the system from your smartphone is only possible by visiting their mobile site, which has been specifically designed for mobile devices. Although they do not have a dedicated mobile application, their mobile website was developed expressly for this purpose and provides users with one of the most enjoyable mobile experiences available today.

Promotions for current customers are the best feature of Sports Interaction.

When it comes to incentives for current users, Sports Interaction may still not offer many gambling options, but they are among the finest in the business. Aside from the Recommend a Friend incentive, which, by the way, has no time restriction, they will still have a running deal to give us. In addition, there are incentives available for consumers who play at the casino or who like sports gambling.

Pinnacle Sports: A Well-Established bookmaker that offers the best odds in sports betting.

In addition to being one of the most well-known sports online gambling operators companies in Canada, Pinnacle Sports is also one of the top betting sites. You may place bets on more than 25 different sports using their user-friendly internet and mobile platforms. They also accept payments through PayPal. With regards to payment alternatives, they provide a variety of methods for transferring payments, including bitcoin, which is not readily accessible in several locations.

  • Pinnacle Sports: Rewards Offering System.

There is one part of Pinnacle Sports that I find troublesome, which is that they do not provide any form of welcome bonuses or promotions to any new clients, which is disappointing. Nonetheless, the method in which they are now operating is a big disadvantage in this situation. There are a number of betting features that we have come to anticipate from other Sportsbooks but are not available on this website.

  • Pinnacle Sports Review of the Best Betting Sites.

Are there a large number of forms of gambling and competitive odds?

In general, the odds supplied are competitive, and in some situations, they are even greater than the odds offered by other Sportsbooks, which is a plus. Customers also like the big betting limitations, which are not typical in many modern bookmaker systems, as well as the fast payouts. Users will like the platform’s simplicity, clarity, and user-friendliness of its graphical user interface. Even if you were a complete novice to sports betting, you would be able to find your ways through Pinnacle Sports with relative ease.

  • Pinnacle Sports: Smartphone Application. 

Aside from their website, they also offer a fantastic mobile application that can be downloaded for android & IOS smartphones and tablets. Pinnacle Lite is the name of the mobile application, which has grown to be one of the finest in the area over the course of many years of development. As an alternative to this software, you may also download their most recent mobile app, which is called the Pinnacle Live Score Application. Neither program requires a subscription and may be downloaded from their respective app shops for free.

  • Pinnacle Sports: High Gambling Limits.

The vast betting constraints on the site, however, make it the most popular feature of the site, even if it lacks many of the typical aspects we are accustomed to seeing on other sportsbooks. Clients, particularly those who prefer high-stakes betting, are drawn to the variety of alternatives offered through this service provider.

Final Conclusion on the Best Canadian Sportsbooks.

We will most likely suggest Sports Interaction above the other two sportsbooks due to the obvious outstanding incentives they provide to both new and current clients. A fantastic online service with a contemporary design and an easy-to-use interface is also available via them. Although they may be lacking in certain betting options, we feel that as sports betting develops in Canada, they would improve and be able to compete with some of its prospective competitors



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