Top 3 spots for the ultimate Canadian road trip

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Are you considering a Canadian road trip this summer? Then we have the ultimate guide for you. This includes all the best spots to visit, all the necessities you need to bring along with you and even a few game suggestions for when you want some downtime. So create that chill playlist on Spotify, grab your Nintendo Switch or download your favourite games app such as Candy crush or the Pink Casino app and get ready for some fantastic summer adventures.
The Cabot trail

Photo by Shlomo Shalev on Unsplash

One of the most popular trails for going on a road trip in Canada is the Cabot trail. The trail loops around 298 kilometres around Cape Breton Island, and it is famous for its great ocean views, since it follows the coast most of the time. The best time to take this trail is the autumn, since fall will offer the most beautiful scenery. However, if autumn does not fit in your schedule the trail is still beautiful all year around. There are plenty of opportunities to stop for a walk in nature, so be sure to pack your hiding shoes for a long walk.
Vancouver to Tofino

Another great road trip in Canada is from Vancouver to Tofino, which starts with a ferry crossing over the Horseshoe Bay. The trip is around 207 kilometres, and it is filled with beautiful nature-filled scenery. You can plan a stop in Macmillan provincial park, where you can go for a long walk between the beautiful old trees. This trip will both give you beautiful forests and ocean views, since Tofino is known for its surfing, so it is the ultimate road trip for someone who would like to get a little bit of both. Therefore, when you are packing for this road trip make sure to pack both a swimsuit and good hiking shoes, because you are probably gonna need both.
Regina to Saskatoon

This road trip is perfect for you, if you like history, since there is a bunch of history to discover in this area. As an example you can plan a stop in Moose Jaw, where you can learn a lot about the prohibition era. However, history is not all this road trip has to offer, and you will also be able to experience some pretty amazing scenery in nature.




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