How to Enjoy Online Casinos for Entertainment Without Breaking the Bank

Online casinos have become a regular form of entertainment for many. Whereas gambling in the past could be associated with smoky poker rooms, gangsters running illegal dens, and other less than appealing establishments, casinos are seen very differently these days.

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The internet has allowed many first-time players and old hands to try different slot machines, join blackjack tournaments, and just play for fun. Bingo has gone from being a dying game played in out-of-town halls, to an online activity enjoyed by a much younger audience than normal.

The pandemic shut many gaming houses and sportsbooks. It is difficult to know what to expect from Toronto’s casinos when they reopen but there is no problem with visiting a website or playing an app.

The only problem with online gambling is how to turn a profit and minimize losses. 

Is there a secret to making money in online casinos?

Sadly, there is no way to guarantee profits, and the only way to say with certainty that you won’t lose anything is to not play. But, it’s not all doom and gloom.

There are some methods you can employ to increase your chances of winning or at the worst, minimizing your losses, so you can enjoy the games without worry.

The first lesson you must recognize is that gambling should be fun and enjoyable. If you are suffering losses that you cannot honestly afford then it is time to stop. If you can’t do that then you must contact someone for help such as Responsible Gambling Canada.

Now that is clear, it is time to give you some ideas for improving your time online. 

Choose games you enjoy

This might sound obvious but many people choose casino games because they think they might have better payouts. If you see a flashing sign for LIVE BACCARAT and understand what you are doing then go for it. If you are using online casinos for entertainment then pick a game that you enjoy. If you don’t enjoy slot machines then why play them online? Chasing a win is always a mistake.

Find games that appeal to you and then learn how to play them. If you want to play blackjack then practice this and learn basic strategy at the same time. If Bingo is your thing then don’t try outwitting seasoned poker players. Instead, sign up to a bingo website and enjoy meeting new players there and hopefully winning.

All players would like to know how to make the most of the time they spend in online casinos. The two ways you can do this is by not losing money and by playing something enjoyable.

Set your limits and don’t change them

There are a couple of ways you can set your financial limits. Firstly, set a weekly bankroll for playing games. Once you have worked out how much you can afford to lose, set the amount you are happy with and stick to it.

Never be tempted to take money from the grocery budget or anywhere else to add to your bankroll. Once the cash has gone, it is time to stop playing until next week.

The second way to set limits is to do so in the online casino. This is an important step as it will not only help you stay within your safe levels but also keep you secure online.

Many online casinos and sportsbooks will let you set your deposit and withdrawal limits and these can’t be altered for fixed time limits. This means that you can’t be tempted to chase losses and it also means no hacker can drain your debit card.

Although online casinos are largely very safe, internet security should be taken seriously, and limiting your deposits can keep your bank balance safe. 

Use a VPN for added protection

Many laws affect online and offline gambling depending on which country you are in. If you were living in the States then you would be subject to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act but in Canada, the law is a bit more grey and flexible.

If you did find yourself in a region where online casinos were not allowed then using a VPN can help you to access an offshore casino. VPNs also have the advantage of keeping you anonymous online and hiding your identity. 

Change your payment methods

There are now many bitcoin casinos operating online, and as long as you find a licensed and regulated one, this could be a profitable way to gamble. Unlike regular casino and sports betting wins that could be subject to tax, bitcoin wins aren’t.

Although capital gains tax is expected on bitcoin profits it only takes into account the value of your investment going up, not extra coins you win. Some casinos take into account that bitcoin can drop or rise so that you don’t lose out on the volatility of the cryptocurrency.

Of course, if a casino takes and pays out in bitcoins and the value of the coins rises, your winnings will be higher than expected. 

Use all the incentives and offers that the casinos offer

One simple way to increase profits, improve gameplay, test tactics, and reduce losses, is to simply use what the casinos give you.

Online casinos are in fierce competition with each other, and although there are billions of gamblers online, they are all trying to get you to sign up. This is to your advantage. There are some ways you can utilize the casino features to your advantage:

  • Sign-up bonuses
  • Loyalty bets
  • Basic strategy
  • Free-to-play games

A casino with a welcome bonus lets you gamble with free money. Many sites don’t even expect you to make a deposit, but others will match or double the amount of cash you put in.

Loyalty bets are given out to regular customers and can be a great way to place some extra wagers at the weekend.

Quite a few blackjack apps include basic strategy within the game. This means you can practice the game, have fun, and learn at the same time. Do this before you play with real money.

This is also true with free-to-play games. Simply practice until you are ready to join a poker table so you don’t just throw your cash away. 


Gambling is always a risk but by setting your limits and using free casino money you can increase your chances. Never chase losses, don’t gamble with money you can’t afford to lose, and consider using bitcoin for potential extra earnings.

Whatever you do, just remember gambling is a form of entertainment and should always feel that way.



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