5 Simple Ways to Relieve Stress

Do you feel stressed a lot of the time? While most people accept that stress is now a permanent feature in their daily lives, it does not have to be this way. Stress is very bad for your health, being linked to memory loss, high blood pressure and even heart attacks. The good news is that there are some simple ways you can relieve stress.

Go for a Run

You may not feel like it but exercise is an awesome stress reliever. Simply going for a run or long walk can help you lower cortisol, which is known as the stress hormone. In addition, have you noticed that you feel good after getting some exercise? This is not just your mind playing tricks on you. In fact, exercise can help boost your endorphins, which are able to improve your mood and lower stress. Therefore, make time during the day to get outdoors and stretch your legs. Your mental health will thank you for it.

Enjoy Your Favourite Hobbies

Always make sure that you have time for your favourite hobbies. Working all the time or concentrating on serious tasks is not always going to be rewarding for you. Plus, if you do not do anything fun, you can easily burn out. So, whether it is in the evening or at the weekends, ensure that you have some ‘me time’. This could be something like reading a book, watching a movie on Netflix, listening to some smooth jazz tracks on Spotify or enjoying the best online slots on your smartphone. Whatever your choice of relaxation methods, unwind and escape from the pressures of your everyday life to lower your stress levels.

Make Time for Loved Ones

When you are busy at work or have a lot to do, it is easy to ignore your family and friends. But they can be a fantastic support group for you when you are feeling stressed. You can relax and enjoy a laugh together and take a step back from your busy schedule. This gives you the opportunity to unwind and remember the important things in life. Studies actually show that spending time with loved ones allows you to release oxytocin. This can help you feel a lot better.

Avoid Coffee and Energy Drinks

When you are going to have a long day, do you turn to coffee and energy drinks for caffeine? While you may think that this can give you the boost you need, it can actually hinder you and make you more stressed. In particular, when you consume large amounts of caffeine, it can make you feel jittery and more anxious than you were before. This can mean you are less productive over the day and worry more. So, cut out the caffeine and stick to healthy alternatives that can give your body natural energy and brain fuel.

Create a Schedule

Perhaps the trigger to your stress is having too many tasks to complete in a day. One of the best ways to combat this is to create a schedule. Sit down at the start of the day and make a list of the tasks you need to complete. This can allow you to have a structure to your day and get the important things out the way first.



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