From Casino to Cooking – How Live Streaming Can Create More Interactive Experiences

Advice on how to cook meals at home has been prevalent for decades, and roughly 17.8 million cookbooks are sold each year in the US alone. There is a seemingly infinite number of cooking shows as well, which all give budding chefs and inexperienced cooks the knowledge needed to make their own meals. Now the cooking industry is becoming even more interactive. It has taken inspiration from the gaming sector and has begun to use live streaming.

Sparked by the Gaming Industry

Live streaming rose to worldwide notoriety fairly recently when Facebook introduced it in 2017. However, the gaming industry had been using the technology for much longer than that. Online casinos have always strived to bring the games to players in their own homes, and live streaming allows them to stream offerings like roulette and blackjack with real dealers. Roulette has proven to be particularly popular, and this classic game now comes in many different versions in live casino. was another early adopter of live streaming. The website which was founded in 2011 allows gamers to stream their content to viewers all over the world. It’s an interactive experience as those who are watching are able to chat and make suggestions about how to play the game. This has turned out to be an immensely popular format and has helped competitive gaming get recognized as a real spectator sport.

Taking Cooking to the Next Level

A lot of chefs were inspired by live streaming on Twitch and decided to use the platform for their cooking shows. The Food and Drink category on the website has more than 250,000 followers, highlighting how useful this form of entertainment is for people. In addition to Twitch streamers, there are specialist cooking course websites that people can sign up for. It’s similar to going to a culinary school and taking a cooking course, with the only difference being that you can use your own kitchen for it.

Cooking programs on television took cookbooks to the next level, and now live streaming is the next stage in that evolution. Culinary courses have taken inspiration from iGaming and Twitch and transformed cooking into an interactive experience online. Just like in a cooking show, an expert chef will instruct viewers on what to do, and everyone can cook the dish together. The difference here is that if anyone has a question or gets stuck, they can actually ask the expert for some help.

Live streaming has made it possible for more people than ever before to get into cooking. Those who were unable to leave the house for any reason, or simply lived too far away from culinary schools, now have access to tuition. The best thing about it is the immersive experience. Live streaming can essentially make many people feel as though they are in the same place, no matter where they may be physically located.



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