Trends and iGaming: old and new are combined

Today, the games of chance online have become extremely popular: millions gamble, thousands win, and dozens become the happiest jackpot owners. However, one can gamble officially in 40 countries only: players from the banned regions use VPN services to gamble or visiting gaming sites mirrors. It is almost impossible to prohibit gambling as, first of all, it is the coolest income source for the casino owners, and secondly, it is a source of adrenaline, fun and even the way to make money for players. Land casinos’ popularity cannot be compared with only gaming fame. Playing online offers more advantages and options like visiting any casino online at any time, choosing more games, etc. The online gambling sphere has been developing constantly, and new trends appeared here.


Gamblers preferences

If 20-30 years ago, most gamblers had to go to land casinos and spend sleepless nights, today, one can bet online, choosing for it morning, night, noon — professional Internet casinos work 24/7 as they know that players registered there come from the countries with different time zones. Besides, casinos offer also mobile versions to bet and play as people have become more mobile: using any gadget when the Internet connection is available, each player can start the round (or continue the game — it depends). So, mobile casinos are in trend now.

Virtual Reality and gambling

Years ago, everything that was connected with virtual reality, used to be a fantasy. Times change and those things that could seem to be impossible only 10 years ago are “usual” for the new generation. Young gamers are not surprised when watching stunning video effects and playing VR games, where the game resembles real life too much. Many online casinos — to attract gamers, and especially, young players — deal with the companies creating everything for iGaming. Microgaming is known as the provider of a bunch of this stuff. Casinos, especially, the top ones, like Slots Million, also use this technology actively. It is evident that a gamer, who learns about new games with the latest technologies used, would hurry to try them. So, VR casinos attract more players, and it is expected that their number will be gaining in the future.

Women and gambling

If you ask anybody to “portrait” an “average gambler”, in 90% of cases, it will be a portrait of a man. Really, before, women were less active in such stuff as the games of chance. Casinos used to ‘eat” their time – they had to visit them; and it was not convenient for females, mothers, and wives. Now, the percentage of female gamblers reaches almost 49% in England and it is close to 40% in the USA. The average age of a lady that gambles from time to time, is about 35. So, “female gambling” has become a trend along with mobile gambling and iGaming.

Payment trends and cryptocurrency

Traditional payment methods for almost all casinos online vary. Before, it was a bank account; later, bank cards were involved; after it, e-Wallets and some special payment systems like PayPal were added. The variety of payment methods helps players avoiding different restrictions and prohibitions used in different countries. When in 2009 BTC, the first cryptocurrency appeared, no one would guess that in several years, digital money could become the most convenient way to deposit/withdraw money in online casinos. Bitcoin and some alternative coins are actively used in BTC casinos, and it provides casino clients anonymity and also lets people get an additional chance to make more money if the crypto market decides to go up.

Diverse content

The competition among online casinos is great. To attract more users to their sites, casinos try their best to offer a variety of games, including slots, live dealer games, lotteries, special cryptocurrency games (faucets), card games tournaments, Poker and Video Poker, and whatnot. The more types and kinds of amusement casinos can offer the more chances it has to become more popular than its rivals.

Games for skilled players

To prove that gambling is not always a lottery, but also a business that can bring the best returns only to professionals, casinos offer many special games for players, who have certain skills and can use a variety of strategies that will help them to win. These are, for instance, Blackjack, Poker, and Baccarat.

The future of gambling

It is evident that gambling will be always popular. It never matters, which kind of it is in trend for today, all types of it bring great money for people, seriously involved in this business. Nothing can help to destroy it or to convince people to quit betting. Besides, gambling smartly, one can not only get fun but get money.

Classic Fruit machines

Classic is always in trend, and this rule works for gambling as well. Fruit machines, video slots with advanced features and new bonus features appear. They attract old gamblers that have a kind of land casino nostalgia, and curious young players, who simply find them unusual and curious. It might seem odd for some people, but these are fruit machines that are also in trend now. So as one can see, iGaming trends cannot be ever predicted.



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