The Plus Minus: Toronto’s Binnington and the St. Louis Blues

This season for the St Louis Blues has been one of disappointment, then inspiration and finally redemption.Their success has come on the backs of Toronto area players like Pietrangelo and their goalie Binnington.


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The Plus

The St. Louis Blues should rename the team to the Canadians. From the goalie out, virtually the whole blue line and a healthy majority of their offence is from Canada, better yet, the GTA or southern Ontario. I was in shock at how bad they were at Christmas break. As kids left milk and cookies for Santa Claus, the Blues’ butts were touching the basement of the NHL. How could a roster with such big time talent like captain Alex Pietrangelo (Toronto native), Colton Parayko (ok ok BC), and rising snipers like Jaden Schwartz, Robbi Fabri and veterans like Ryan O’Reilly be in such poor standing?

A month later, when management finally knew it was the goaltending and brought up long forgotten prospect Toronto native Jordan Binnington… everything clicked in place. From the basement they leapt passed Stanley cup favourites like Winnipeg and Nashville. With balanced scoring, hard nosed defence and Binnington coming into his own as a pro in his rookie year. The ship that was almost sunk, now leads the regatta.

The Minus

How could you name a team “The Blues”? Isn’t it like naming your son “jailbird” or “Fredo”? Something with a predetermined “failing” kind of ring to it?

The only minus here is that they (the NHL) will most likely award the Calder trophy for the top rookie to Elias Pettersson of the Vancouver Canucks who had an incredible year but accomplishments are second to what Jordan has done.

Goalies have the toughest job in the league. They are often blamed for everything and arguably over praised when things go great. This is clearly not a case of that. From the basement to the penthouse says it all. I believe Mr. Pettersson is on a Swedish golf course at the moment and Jordan Binnington maybe headed to hoisting the Stanley Cup.

I know I don’t have a vote, but I’m throwing his name at the Calder and a chance at the Hart trophy for MVP.