The Plus Minus: Justin Williams has a chance at all time greatness

These have been some of the most unpredictable playoffs in years. Justin Williams has a chance at all time greatness.

Hate the Bruins enough yet? Hate em so much you want to spit on your own tv every time that whiny faced coach Cassidy graces the screen?


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The plus

The pressure is on the Bruins. Not a great position for them considering they really just scraped by in the first two rounds. At times it was the Leafs series to lose, and they did. The same goes for Columbus who had a lead but then fell flat in the last two games. Carolina? Different story here. Like Columbus, they just got into the dance but they have something. I think the Blues have too. The ability to hang in there, keep it together and then sting. They know their limitations and strengths – a fast strong blue line and two great goalies including former Leaf Curtis McElhinney (nice one dufus). But the strongest part of the Carolina engine was making veteran Cobourg, Ontario native Justin Williams the Captain. They don’t call this guy “Mr. Game Seven” for nothing. He won his first cup with these Hurricanes in ‘06 then in ‘12 and ‘14 with the Los Angeles Kings. His record in game sevens? 7-0 with an NHL record tying seven goals. If Justin hits the twine in one more game seven and his team wins, he becomes first in both categories. He’s like the complete opposite of a Jake Gardiner. Something tells me that in the cozy confines of general manger Kyle Dubas’ office they don’t have this guy’s face on the wall as an example of what kind of player they like. I mean he’s no Nylander eh.

The minus

I have to admit I’m with Don Cherry on the whole post game show thing they were doing in Carolina earlier in the season. I know they stopped it – my buddy Justin Williams finally called it “enough”. These celebrations, plus their new owner, seem like that annoying guy saying “I told you so” by getting involved so heavily with on ice issues as an owner with no hockey experience. But it’s worked. An annoying owner would never steer me away from cheering the team that bounced Ovechkin and his little annoying minion Kuznetsov from the playoffs.

So, there you have it, if these Hurricane “jerks” can cut Frankenstein down to size and shut out the rat Marchand I’m guessing Justin Williams will be in category reserved for the best of all time.