The Plus Minus: It is the calm before the storm for Toronto fans

It is the calm before the storm. Toronto fans nervously twiddle their thumbs all across the GTA. Moral is low but not gone, a far cry from that wacko early season Las Vegas line that had the Leafs as cup favourites. My gosh what were they thinking.

We are days away from entering game one in Boston. Boston with all their red faced, pudgy screaming fans licking their salty deep fried lips at another possible disaster for Toronto fans. However, before we go into a Stockholm depression about little Willy and the lack of passion, toughness, etc. on the leafs let’s put some things in perspective.

leafs vs bruins

The Plus

We lost by one goal in game seven last year. One goal, with a roster that didn’t have John Tavares huge. Three years ago we were in the basement of the league with only a fantasy of becoming the threat we are today. That was quick. We opened the year as favourites (delusional I know) but several quick months later it’s already about next year (that was really quick). John Tavares not only came as advertised but set a new career high for himself in goals (phew).

Let’s get something straight here, we’re supposed to play Boston. You can’t run from your demons or wimp out and get an easy route. The Champion must take on all comers. If the Leafs pull it of and beat Boston it will be one of the biggest leaps this loveable lousy club has had in eons.

They are who they are, Dubas was too busy popping pimples to go out and get some muscle so we have got to use speed, skill and hit the net. If old red Fred can steal a few games it will happen.

The Minus

Those Bruins still have Brad Marchand, he is undeniably the spoon that stirs the pot there. The Nova Scotia native has the skill equal to anyone and the burning desire to win to that of the best of em. This is the whole difference between our clubs. It’s more than finishing checks or talking nasty between whistles and all that stuff. “All that stuff” along with a mindset that says “this game is ours, period” is what our star players have to say and do. Haven’t seen it at all from this casual group yet. Our teenagers better put down the video games and get some smelling salts so far up their nostrils that they swear like Scarface himself.

In conclusion, enjoy the drama that is playoff hockey. It’s a great show and the Leafs can only swing up and shock us. If it ends in another embarrassing, painful ass kicking just glad we’re back in the game and there will be changes in the summer. Toronto fan’s favourite game i.e. back seat General Manager.