Why Bet on the Toronto Wolfpack? Everything to Know About the Team

The Toronto Wolfpack R.L.F.C. or more commonly known as the Wolfpack is a professional rugby team based in Toronto, Canada. The team’s first ever game was at the start of the 2017 League 1 season where they dismantled their opponent, the London Skolars, with a crushing 76-0 victory.

Wolfpack Canada Day

It was then the start of the team’s 6-game winning streak. The Wolfpack prides itself to be the first Canadian team to have entered the Rugby Football League (RFL), as well as the first Canadian pro rugby team.

Top Reasons Why You Should Bet on the Toronto Wolfpack

1. Culturally Diverse

There are a lot of reasons why betting on the Toronto Wolfpack is a great choice. However, the best reason why they’re most likely to win a lot of matches is that of their cultural diversity.

The team itself is made up of players from eight different countries which include Australia, New Zealand, Tonga, England, Ireland, U.S.A, Jamaica, and Canada. Chad Bain, Rhys Jacks, and Tom Dempsey are the Canadian players on the team.

It’s because of this culturally diverse team setting that they’ll become more unpredictable as they can take on different gameplay styles and strategies. Each player can contribute to the team’s techniques and game plans by sharing their game culture from their home country.
This is advantageous in their part because their opponents would have a hard time in knowing how they are going to play their game.

2. Game Winning Streak and Blowouts

The team is also known to have some long winning streaks since it started playing in the League 1. What’s cool about it is that during the Wolfpack’s first game, they won by a blowout against the London Skolars with a 76-0 score.

The three succeeding games were also clear victories, but the fourth and fifth game brought back their “blowout” victories winning 82-6 and 80-0 against the Doncaster and the Crusaders respectively. The winning streak ended with their unexpected defeat against the Salford Red Devils. It was a close game having a final score of 29-22.

However, the Wolfpack bounced back and pushed through a 9-game winning streak, which is most likely going to continue.

3. Honourable Coach

The success of a team is not only measured by how good their players are but also with how excellent their coach is.

Paul Rowley is the Head Coach of the Wolfpack and is decorated with a lot of achievements and milestones, having been a successful pro rugby player before shifting to coaching. Rowley played for Leigh Centurions from 1992 to 1994, for Halifax RLFC from 1994 to 2000, and for Huddersfield from 2000 to 2001.

The now 41-year-old Coach is not only skilled in his sport but also is a compassionate person. This can be proven when he saved a girl from drowning while on his way to their sky game against the London Broncos.

Overview of the Team’s 2017 Season

The first game of the Toronto Wolfpack was a big success as it crushed the London Skolars 76-0. Prop Fuifui Moimoi was the one who led the team to victory.

It also set a record as there were 1,542 people in attendance. The Wolfpack then succeeded another game defeating Whitehaven 24-10, having Craig Hall as the saviour of the game.

After which, the team had a series of wins over the London Broncos and the Keighley Cougars having a 30-26 and 48-21 win respectively. Jonny Pownall’s hat-trick saved the team from the close end to their winning streak.

By April, the team acquired Ryan Bailey from the Leeds Rhinos, just in time for Sean Penkywicz’ comeback from a ban. The Wolfpack won another 82-6 victory over Doncaster thanks to Jack Bussey’s hat-trick.

Fuifui Moimoi, Liam Kay, and Blake Wallace also had their fair share of great contributions in the succeeding games. Then there was another 80-0 blowout victory over the North Wales Crusaders.

Hall became the first ever Wolfpack to reach a whopping 100 points. However, the month of April ended with the Wolfpack’s first loss in their game against the Salford Red Devils.

Up until now, the Toronto Wolfpack is still doing pretty great having a 9-game winning streak and probably aiming for more. Having huge score gaps against their opponents, the team is most likely to be the champion or premier team in the league.

Where to Bet for the Toronto Wolfpack?

With all of these being said, it’s safe to say that betting on the Toronto Wolfpack’s next games would most probably give you a win. In line with this, it’s best to check out the latest Canadian sports betting offers for you to know about the latest odds as well as the favourite and underdog team.

Bettors have several betting options to choose from such as the Over/Under game, winner by time, or the first to reach a certain score. For sure, watching the Toronto Wolfpack play next time would be more enjoyable and thrilling at the same time.



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